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The easy veggie plan meals is designed by Kardena Pauza and Craig Ballantyne to help you to lose weight by learning how to deal with "veggie haters" while avoiding confrontation and peer pressure and. It provides social support to deal with rude, insensitive, arrogant, and mean people who try to sabotage your efforts. as well as helps you to lose weight.

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Vegan Traveler Meal Planning Tips
By William Santoro

Being away from home can make business travel and vacation challenging and stressful for anyone who's trying to eat healthy. This is particularly so for new vegans who are still trying to adjust to a diet without animal products but may have fewer alternatives than usual. However, given the fact that business travel is often necessary for our jobs, and most people enjoy going somewhere new for vacation, at least occasionally, how does the vegan or aspiring vegan deal with eating away from home?

Below are some tips for business and vacation situations:

1. Business travel--Eat as much healthy (whole-grain, low-fat and minimal refined sugar) vegan foods you can at those meals where you have the most control over the venue. For me that's breakfast, because lunch and dinner are often spent with colleagues or clients, and you're less likely to have a say over the venue or the menu.

Breakfast buffets at hotels are quite vegan-friendly, and they are probably the healthiest places to eat away from home. For example:

a. Most salad bars have a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Just remember to stick with oil and vinegar dressing.

b. Asian dishes (tofu, vegetable stir fry, rice/noodles, vegetable curry, porridge)

c. Whole-grain cereal (hot or cold) prepared with soy milk. Note that oatmeal is usually prepared with dairy milk if you don't specify otherwise.

d. Whole-grain breads (check to see whether they contain butter or eggs first)

If you have any doubts whether something is prepared with animal products, just check with the wait staff. And take a few pieces of whole fruit (banana, apple, etc) from the salad bar to eat as snacks later in the day.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to spend all of your meals with non-vegan co-workers during a business trip, be sure to let them know your vegan diet preferences, and suggest restaurants that are likely to have foods you will want to eat, too. The longer the trip, the earlier you should tell them, as you may find it hard to return to your vegan diet if you fall off the vegan wagon.

2. Leisure travel--Being a vegan, culinary travel takes on a whole new twist. It used to be that going somewhere foreign, you'd probably eat out 3 meals a day. And, if you're staying in a conventional hotel, often you have no choice. Rather than being at the mercy of the restaurants or room service, I highly recommend finding a room equipped with kitchenette, so you'll have the ability to cook some of your meals if you cannot find vegan-friendly restaurants.

A refrigerator in your hotel room is also essential for you to store and eat fresh fruits/vegetables. Ask the concierge at the hotel for directions to a nearby market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to carve out room for them among the mini-bar items. Again, the longer your trip, the more important it is to follow this advice.

If you don't like the idea of cooking for yourself while on vacation, by all means do your research ahead of time so you are prepared to have a vacation that is both enjoyable and healthy. For example, London has a great variety of vegan restaurants, as well as 100s of Indian restaurants that are typically vegan-friendly. Whereas other countries, such as Spain, are more meat-centric (you may have guessed when every restaurant in Madrid is ornamented with cow's shank in the window and/or hanging from the ceiling). Still, this shouldn't necessarily stop you if you're determined to see Picasso's Guernica.

3. What about times when you're not traveling far from home, but just have no time to cook healthy? It's difficult enough for one person, let alone two, to grocery shop, cook, and align their schedules perfectly to eat together on weekdays. Therefore, be sure have a list of vegan restaurants that are convenient to wherever you and whoever you're dining with may be. Decide how far you are willing to go out of your way to eat healthy, and plan ahead.

It would be great to eat at home all the time, especially when becoming vegan, but as busy people we often don't have control over the timing or even the location of travel. That's why it helps to get used to cooking and eating healthy at every opportunity. Then, when you're away from home, maintain consistency in your diet. You won't feel like eating just anything, but will be more motivated to make an effort to seek out and plan healthy meals.

Originally from Washington, DC, metro area, I have lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan, for about 20 years. I was schooled in Journalism. but work in the Technology field. My hobbies are cooking, running, and photography. I also began learning saxophone a few years ago, but don't practice nearly enough...

I adopted a vegan diet 3 years ago for its health benefits, not out of concern for animals or the impact on the environment of factory farming, etc. However, I have become increasingly aware and compassionate toward animals since then, after watching such movies as "Fast Food Nation" with Greg Kinnear.

Ultimately, I prefer to think of veganism as a diet choice and not as a philosophy. Achieving good health is all about behavior modification, and the less emotions are involved, the easier it will be to modify and improve current diet habits.

If you are interested in learning about becoming vegan or staying vegan, or just attaining fitness through healthier diet and exercise habits, please check out my blog at Vegan Diet Advisor.

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Tips for Preparing Easy Vegetarian Meals
By Diana Pells Platinum Quality Author

Preparing easy vegetarian meals can be exciting if you know what to prepare. With several free and easy vegetarian recipes on the internet, you'll hardly run out of recipe to try everyday. More importantly though, there are simple things you need to remember to come up with easy vegetarian meals.

Complete Stocks

Sometimes all you need for easy vegetarian meals are complete weekly food stocks of everything your family loves to eat. Always make sure that your grocery list contains different kinds of grains, cereals, pastas, pita bread, whole wheat breads, fruits and vegetables as well as some extras like spices. As an added tip, you might want to repack some of your veggies ahead of time especially peas, corn and beans into serving packs. This way you just have to grab pre packed veggies for the right number of servings for salads and recipes


There are some vegetarians who would rather prepare fresh meals than stocking up on ready-to-cook preparations from the store. It is true that fresh is almost always best. If you are really in a hurry though, you and your family might just benefit from an occasional instant meal. There are lots of easy vegetarian meals that you just need to pop in an oven. Examples would be veggie burger patties and frozen veggie pizzas.

For freshly-cooked easy veggie meals, you can always opt for oven-ready lasagna noodles, canned beans, tortillas, bottled pickles and ready-made sauces.

Simple Recipes

If you want to cook varied vegetarian meals, it is always advisable to have a list of recipes or a vegetarian recipe book ready. Of course, the easiest meal would be salads. Simply toss some greens, nuts, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and cheese and you have you'll always have easy vegetarian meals. You might also want to have an occasional raw day when you just have to blend some fruits and vegetables for a satisfying meal. It would be a great idea though to increase the appetite boost of a good salad with some soup or an easy to cook pot meal like chili peppers and beans.


There are certain leftover foods that you may want to consider to make easy vegetarian food. Bread, potatoes, rice, carrots, quinoa, beans and different kinds of soup are some of the items that freeze well. When cooking for the day's meal, simply cook a double serving, freeze the extra and then heat for another day. If you're family members are not picky eaters, then you can always inform them ahead of time that some days in a week are designated leftover days.


Plans would work well for easy vegetarian cooking. Take a few minutes off on a weekend to draft a complete weekly plan for all your meals so that you would at least know exactly what you need to shop for.


If you still end up running out of great ideas for easy vegetarian meals then its time for you to learn new things. Spend some time every month to brush up on new meal ideas from cookbooks or online vegetarian sites for new creative ways to prepare easy meals.

Check out more ways to spice up your easy vegetarian recipes. Find tips on how to turn easy vegetarian meals into sumptuous feasts!

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Easy Recipes For Ground Beef - Considerations For a Healthy Diet Plan
By Dale Heil Platinum Quality Author

When you are defining your healthy diet plan you must take into consideration the foods you are most familiar with then make them more "body friendly."

Ground beef is popular because it is relatively inexpensive, readily available, easy to prepare, and versatile.

Recipe Preparation Begins In The Supermarket

Good meats cost more. That's no surprise.

Grass fed beef is much preferable to stockyard fed beef when you want to maintain a healthy diet plan.

Why is grass fed beef better for you?

It is better for you because cattle are grazers designed by nature to consume and digest naturally growing grass. Eating grass keeps them lean. Grass-fed cattle roam freely, which attributes to the lean nature of their meat.

Stockyard Versus Grass-fed Beef

Stockyards feed grain to cattle to increase the amount of fat they carry. Luckily, most ground beef sold today has the percentage of fat listed on the label. It's a handy tidbit of information.

Stockyard fed beef must have huge amounts of antibiotics added to their feed. This is necessary because the opportunity is great for a diseased animal to infect other cattle in a crowded stockyard.

Antibiotics in your food can cause you many problems when ingested without a medical reason.

Such secondary ingestion of antibiotics is being blamed for creating antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria which makes treating you when you do get ill much more difficult. The unintended antibiotic ingestion also kills beneficial bacteria in your gut. This makes you more susceptible to infections.

Both of these situations can lead to serious health consequences for you and your family.

Easy Recipes For Ground Beef

While you are at the supermarket you may as well buy the other items you will need to make your ground beef dish. The hard part comes in when you have to decide how healthy you want your meal to be.

A raw vegetable diet is fairly healthy. A meal that contains bottled or packaged items will be less healthy but this is a tradeoff you have to make. All packaged foods have higher amounts of salt, sugar, or trans-fats present, which make them less desirable.

For a recipe to be "easy" or "quick" you will have to resolve yourself to using packaged or bottled foods on occasion. It's the tradeoff you have to make for convenience.

Let's look at a taco salad recipe that contains a small amount of packaged foods but is based upon a raw vegetable diet. This is a great recipe to prepare in the summertime when you are short on food preparation time yet want a healthy and filling meal for your family or guests.

Organic salad makings are best. However, you may have to compromise to save time and buy a ready-made salad in a cellophane bag. Remember the tradeoffs we discussed? This may have to be one of them.

Taco Salad

Brown ½ cup chopped onions and 1 teaspoon chopped garlic in olive oil.
Remove onions and garlic from heat when onions become soft. Set aside.
Brown ground beef. Drain the fat off the meat.
Add cooked onions and garlic to browned ground beef.
Add Taco Seasoning to beef according to package instructions.
When heated through spoon the seasoned beef over salad greens.
Garnish with grated low-fat cheddar cheese and bottled salsa.

You can serve your taco salad with crusty whole grain bread from the grocery store bakery and a hearty red wine. This adds depth to a simple meal. Both the whole grain bread and red wine are good foods that are good for you.

These are all healthful food choices.

Good health foods are the basis of a natural healthy diet. Healthful food choices are easy to make when you have a good food recipe close at hand. Easy recipes for ground beef are convenient, tasty, and satisfying.

Even guests who are not particularly health conscious about their diet will not feel deprived after feasting on this festive but easy ground beef recipe.

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Update Sept. 04 2009 Pro and Con " Easy Veggie Plan Meals"By Health Experts

The easy veggie plan meals is designed by Kardena Pauza and Craig Ballantyne to help you to lose weight by learning how to deal with "veggie haters" while avoiding confrontation and peer pressure and. It provides social support to deal with rude, insensitive, arrogant, and mean people who try to sabotage your efforts. as well as helps you to lose weight.

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Lobster Delivery - Quick and Easy
By Candice Cook

Lobsters are the perfect choice for corporate events and other special occasions. They can also be a tasty gift to give to your colleagues or friends. Furthermore, with the sudden rise of countless companies that are offering lobster delivery, you can have a taste of this exquisite seafood faster and much easier.

The only thing that you will have to do when you opt for a lobster delivery is to make a selection. They can provide you with broiled lobster tails, lobster claw, lobster meat, clambakes, mussels, steamers, shell-on and many more. Some of these companies also offer packages and give away hand-outs like cooking manuals, cooking tips and other valuable information about this wonderful delight.

If you want to get the fresh ones, there are several options that you can avail of nowadays. In the US alone, there exist a handful of lobster delivery establishments that can provide you with the right attention when it comes to the services involved. These said companies will guarantee that you acquire only the fresh lobsters and have them delivered to your doorstep fast and at very affordable rates. Another practical option that you can do is to transact with suppliers online. Most of these online shops deal with the fishing industry directly, so you can be assured that you get nothing but fresh seafood.

There are also a couple of companies that offer next day or overnight delivery. Charges may widely vary, depending on the company, weight and destination. Most of them provide 24/7 deliveries with the exception of legislative holidays. Some of them may also charge extra on some specific dates and may give you discounts, depending on how much you purchase.

In order for you to get a hold of a better lobster delivery service provider, ask around for prices and make an assessment as to which company is offering you more for less. For sure, there will be one or two companies out there that can suit your budget. Another good idea for you to consider is to place your order in advance, especially on holiday seasons. These companies will surely have their schedules crammed up so it is best that you do this early.

Also, keep in mind that you have to handle the packages with utmost care in picking them up or when delivering them. Although there are lobster delivery providers that provide door-to-door delivery, there are some that only offer package pick-up on certain points like airports, for example.